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Can Our Emotions Hurt Us?

Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Emotions


The role of emotions on your health and wellness cannot be ignored. I thought it would be beneficial to give an overview to basic ideas to create emotional health. A well-known motivational speaker Earl Nightingale defined success as a “progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” He noted in all the successful people he interviewed, there was one common factor he called the “strangest secret”, the key to success or failure:

“We become what we think about”

If you want to create a greater life I recommend the following:

First, monitor what you think about, and focus on the possibility of human greatness. Learn how to be content with what you have in your life but never get satisfied with where you are. Recognize to move to the next level in your life you may need to decide why don’t you want to stay where you are. It’s important to realize that you will never go beyond the barriers you set in your own mind...

Self Image

Who do you think you are? What are the things you say about you…to yourself?

Believe that even though bad things happen, that it will turn around and be used for your good. Don’t beat yourself up about past mistakes, learn the lesson then move on, set your mind on higher things. Realize that its not your circumstances that have you down….Its your THOUGHTS about your circumstances that have you down. Notice, if you change your thoughts your emotions will follow. Try it. Whenever you notice negative thinking, stop negative thinking in its tracks, do not let it take root and replace it with a positive affirmation. When you think positive, excellent thoughts you will be propelled toward greatness.

There is an interesting story about a pharmacist who told his patients to say once every hour

"I’m getting better and better every day, in every way."
Those patients greatly outperformed other patients who took the same drug with the same symptom!  It's absolutely amazing what positive self talk can accomplish.  Our worst critic is that voice in our head that tells us "we can't."
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